How to Browse the Internet in Complete Confidentiality 

The anonymity provided by the Internet is frequently an illusion created by users. After all, no one in a virtual world can ever learn your true identity. Third parties can obtain information about your computer, as well as your location and the websites you visit, simply by connecting to the Internet.  Surfing the web anonymously … Read more

A Sicilian House Made Almost Totally of Wood 

Alessio Lo Bello’s design for the construction of a small and contemporary rural house along Sicily’s northern coast, between Palermo and Cefalù. The project prioritizes sustainability and a continuous dialogue between the structure and the natural environment.  Because of the natural surroundings and the client’s concern for environmental issues, wood was chosen as the primary … Read more

Expert Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen 

Cleaning your kitchen may appear to be a difficult task, but with the help of these clever cleaning tips, you’ll discover that it’s quite simple.  If your stainless steel taps are dull and water-stained, or you have a beautiful granite sink that you just don’t know how to clean, take a look at our clever … Read more