Here Are the Top Seven Most Widely Played And Hyper Casual Games Online

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The truth is that the vast majority of people frequently engage in at least one sort of mobile or digital gaming. According to some reports, more than one-third of the world’s population engages in mobile gaming at least regularly. With the application of some basic math ideas, the fact that slightly more than half of the world’s population owns a mobile phone reveals that more than seventy percent of smartphone owners utilize their devices to engage in gaming activities. Wow! 

What are these people doing with their time here? The possibilities are nearly unlimited. The 2020 epidemic, as well as the lockdowns that are still in effect in some locations today, have pushed people to seek alternative ways to pass the time rather than venturing out into public spaces. This has made mobile gaming a risk-free and enjoyable activity. As a result, the gaming business has seen a substantial increase in the number and variety of games available to suit the preferences and levels of competence of each player. However, ultra-casual games are one type of video game that can already achieve this. 

What do you mean by “Hyper Casual Games?” 

Games classified as “hyper-casual” are those that are exceedingly simple to understand and may be played with little to no instruction. They are ideal for players of any age or skill level, and they do not need a major investment of time or effort to learn or play. Because of the increasing social distance between players, they have emerged as the most popular type of game for a diverse variety of groups and have witnessed growing success in recent months. Casino games have grown in popularity among online gamers in recent years, owing to the development of more visually appealing user interfaces. Virtual gamers and gaming enthusiasts commonly select well-known casino gaming platforms like when it comes to playing their favorite online games. The gaming industry has stepped up to the plate to keep people occupied throughout their quarantine. 

Why do people like playing Hyper Casual Games so much? 

A variety of variables contribute to the popularity of hyper-casual games. These games are accessible to practically everyone, and linguistic barriers rarely impede enjoyment as much as they may in more difficult games. Some of the reasons why so many people download these games every day are as follows: 

  • To play these games on your mobile device, you will not need to download any additional software or purchase any more hardware. 
  • The game’s controls are straightforward and simple to grasp. Most of the time, tutorials are unneeded. 

The average time spent playing a round of the game is only sixty seconds

All of these games have a strong addiction potential and are a lot of fun 

Because of all of these factors, hyper-casual gaming has gained a huge following among the general public. Even if many of the people who play these games do not consider themselves “gamers,” they are by definition! Because hyper-casual games are being downloaded at such a quick rate around the world, it is easy to see how the gaming business has grown to such an extent in only a few years. 

What exactly are these players who only play sometimes downloading? The solution is either on this list or in one of the millions of games with similar themes that are currently dominating the mobile app download statistics. The following are seven of the most popular ones found all across the world, in no particular order: 

Get Up! 

This is a simple game with balloons. The balloon follows your frame of vision as it goes upward, constantly going toward the top of the screen. It will be your responsibility to keep the balloon safe while it ascends. Because of the game’s basic design and quiet color palette, the gameplay is both tranquil and pleasant. 

Jump Helix 

This game, like many other ultra-casual games, has gameplay that is easily addictive. It entails spinning an axel around a central pike, which allows the ball to descend from one level to the next. But be cautious! It’s simple for it to land in the wrong place, and if that happens, you’ll have to start over from the beginning. This could be why so many people can’t seem to put this smash-hit game down once they’ve picked it up! 

People’s City 

The usage of simple graphics distinguishes this game, which consists of directing a small group of individuals through a metropolis. As the mob grows in size, it becomes more difficult to keep order as it flows past more people. This makes it more difficult to maintain control over everyone. 

3D Race Fun 

Have you ever attempted to complete an obstacle course or watched someone else do so on television? This is the game for you if you prefer to play something that doesn’t take as much physical effort from you. You must navigate a difficult path that is portrayed in bright colors and simple graphics; if you fall, you must get back up and try again. 

A Curving Road 

Similar games have been popular for decades, and this specific version of the game has performed admirably in mobile download rankings for the past seven years. It is a time-honored favorite that players of all ages can appreciate and enjoy playing. It is a simple game in which the goal is to lead a character safely across a series of busy streets. 

Grass has been trimmed 

Do you know those visually appealing lines you observe when the grass is freshly cut? Imagine being able to produce items in the comfort of your own home or even at your workplace over your lunch break. That is exactly what you will be able to achieve if you play this game. Maintain control of the lawnmower while cutting the grass, but keep an eye out for any fragile objects that may come in the way. 

Jelly Jumping 

Are you a lover of the pleasant jiggle provided by jellies? This is a game you should be playing! As it bounces and drops down the several tiers, your jelly behaves according to the principles of actual physics. Simply having the ability to engage in that wiggle over and over again is enough to keep many people coming back for more. 

What Games Should I Download to My Computer? 

Because there are so many games available right now, you may be unclear which ones to download or whether you have access to impartial evaluations and comments from other customers before making a decision. We are lucky in that there are numerous websites and communities devoted to game reviews that fulfill this purpose. 

These forums could be spin-offs of other well-known websites, or they could be standalone websites. They provide input that is thematically related to specific game kinds. For example, if you are looking for games that are similar to those found in casinos, is a reliable platform. These websites help users navigate an oversaturated market and make the most educated decisions about how to spend their money and how much space on their mobile devices. 

What are your favorite kinds of games to play? Whatever your reaction, the chance is that there are several options for quick, fun, and even free mobile games that will make passing the time a lot more enjoyable.