What Are Online Casino Bonuses?

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Bonuses refer to certain promotions or special deals that casinos offer new or existing clients. With the growing popularity of online gaming many online casinos frequently offer bonuses to new members in a bid to lure players over from other online gaming sites. These bonuses come in many forms, and often have specific requirements for claiming and using them that player should be aware of.

In the case of new casino bonuses, players will be presented with a certain bonus if they join the membership program of a specific casino. Players may receive a percentage bonus which is linked to their first deposit. The player therefore receives a percentage of his or her first deposit back from the casino. This bonus can usually not be cashed out and is sometimes also linked to certain amounts of money. In other words, this kind of bonus encourages players to deposit more money than they normally would. The percentage bonus may also be valid for the player’s first two or three deposits, encouraging him or her to, again, spend more money in order to take advantage of the offer.

Another popular bonus that is often offered by new casinos in particular, is the free trial new casino bonus. With this kind of bonus, players receive either free play time at the casino or a no deposit casino bonus. These free trail bonuses seem more attractive than percentage based bonuses, because players need not spend any of their own money, but there are usually quite a few restrictions that apply. If players receive free play time, for example, players may receive free credit at the casino. This seems attractive, but the pay-outs are usually quite small. If players receive a no deposit bonus, they are usually unable to cash out any money they won using the bonus. Such bonuses are only intended to give users an idea of what the casino is like.
It is therefore important that players are well aware of the restrictions that apply to all bonuses, especially the ones that seem to be very low-risk. It is in this case often better to take advantage of percentage based bonuses than to look for free bonuses.

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What are the mechanics behind the casino bonus?

The amount of your welcome bonus is frequently expressed as a percentage of the amount of the deposit you make. Therefore, if there is a bonus of 50% and you deposited one thousand dollars, you will receive an additional five hundred dollars that you can use to play games with. Although some casinos do offer no-deposit bonuses, the majority of the time these are quite meagre and range anywhere from $10 to $50.

Is it worthwhile to get a casino bonus?

If you’re going to play at crypto casinos anyway, online casino bonuses are definitely worthwhile. They provide an opportunity to earn extra money in crypto while playing your favourite games. However, you should not jump into any deal. Some bonuses are better than others because of their player-friendly terms and conditions.

The typs of bonuses you will find at an online casino

  • Casino bonuses for new players
  • Deposit bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Free spins bonuses
  • Casino bonus offers for pre-existing players