How Strategy Guides Can Enhance Your Gaming Experience 

Thomas Burger
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A gamer’s career will certainly include times when they will require the assistance of a walkthrough or guide. Any player’s career will ultimately come to a moment where they will be obliged to seek the assistance of a walkthrough or guide to proceed through a particularly difficult portion. Even the most devoted gamers will require the assistance of a walkthrough from time to time, and certain games are exceedingly tough, if not impossible, to win without the assistance of some form of the instruction manual. 

Outside of these precise circumstances where we are in severe need of aid, however, the majority of people ignore guides or, at best, look down on those who follow them. As we will discuss throughout this essay, this may not be the best option, and there are a variety of reasons why guides and playthroughs can improve your gaming experience even when you aren’t pulling out your hair trying to face an impenetrable boss. Let’s get started straight now. 

It allows you to notice details that you might have missed otherwise 

People often forget that game playthroughs and manuals provide a terrific opportunity for players to get the most out of a game, which is one of the characteristics of these materials that is frequently missed. Video games these days are massive, and that’s before we even get into all of the hidden material and easter eggs that game creators are notorious for incorporating in their masterpieces. 

The bulk of games are now so large that relatively few people ever get to experience them to their full potential. Instead, the vast majority of people simply skip through the main tale, oblivious to the plethora of minute nuances that the developers spent months crafting. 

This is especially true when discussing the process of completing a video game from beginning to end, and it would be an understatement to say that certain games are difficult to complete completely. In practice, however, the vast majority of players never reach the 100% completion threshold, and the vast majority of the time, they only get to enjoy half of what a game has to offer. In actuality, however, the majority of players never reach the 100 percent completion goal. The good news is that walkthroughs and manuals can help! Guides can let players explore more of a game, and if they provide enough information, they can be the key to totally unlocking a game and revealing its mysteries. 

The apparent counterargument to this position is that using walkthroughs or strategy guides may impair the sense of discovery that comes from making discoveries on your own, and we would have to admit that this is a reasonable issue. This, however, only applies to people who are willing to go deep and study every single crack and crevice to discover what a game has to offer, which simply does not apply to the vast majority of video game gamers nowadays. 

With the help of guidelines, the average gamer may get a lot more out of any video game they play, and in some cases, they may even open up a whole new world for them that they were previously unaware existed. 

“Knowledge is power,” as the saying goes 

When a truly difficult game comes around, the question of whether it is even worth continuing to play becomes increasingly clear to the average player of today. This is an all too common occurrence, but that should not be the case. People used to be significantly more accustomed to game difficulty, and it was widely accepted that a certain level of difficulty is required for a game to be enjoyable. As a result, this issue was not as prominent as it is today. Having stated that, this is no longer the situation. With each passing year, the challenge of video games decreases, and many people say that playing video games is now more equivalent to watching a movie than having a good experience. As a result, if a game deviates from this pattern and catches players off guard, the great majority of people will be in for a rude surprise. 

It is not uncommon for people to feel extremely frustrated quickly and stop a game after only a few minutes if it appears to be too challenging. Although this may be the acceptable course of action in some circumstances, it is not in the great majority of scenarios. 

Walkthroughs and manuals are a terrific solution to this widespread problem, and they can help gamers overcome the difficult difficulties that may be preventing them from playing an amazing game. Some may believe that adopting this route is taking the easy way out; yet, in other professions where a hobby is inspected, guides are never considered a bad thing. A person who has a passion for gambling, for example, should not only look at online slots and casino blogs because it makes perfect sense, but also because doing so may just supply them with the inspiration they need to carry forward with their interest and continue to enjoy it. 

Following a tutorial or walkthrough is not considered “cheating.” No, it’s simply making the most of what you have, and there’s no shame in asking for help from a guide if you’re having difficulty going through a game if that’s how you feel you need to play. 

You might gain the confidence to move things forward with the help of others 

Certain games are simply meant to be difficult, and for those of us who enjoy torturing ourselves by battling the same boss a thousand times in order to grasp their methods, this is the ideal circumstance. Some games are simply made to be difficult. It is unlikely that anyone would have completed any of the Souls games without consulting an infinite number of Dark Souls walkthroughs, and to say that these guides have been a lifeline for many individuals would be an understatement. Without this guidance, it is not surprising that many become discouraged at the prospect of venturing into such an undertaking blindly, and there is no doubt that walkthroughs may give you the courage to persevere when faced with an enormous challenge. Whatever your feelings are on walkthroughs and tutorials, I believe we can all agree that they serve a vital purpose in the gaming community. Many of us would not be the avid gamers that we are now if it weren’t for these helpful aides. 

Even when utilized for the most basic of purposes (getting stuck in a game), manuals and playthroughs provide enormous value, and there is little doubt that millions of gamers all over the world would be lost if they went away. Guides and playthroughs give exceptional value even when used for the most basic of purposes. However, as we’ve seen in this piece, guidelines may be much more than just a simple approach to work through a difficult problem. 

Why not give them a try the next time you play a different game and play along with them? You may notice that you have a better overall gaming experience, and as a result, your attitude on walkthroughs and guides may change as a result. Have a good time.