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Tips For Sorting Your Welcome Candies

What better way to welcome customers into your business with open arms than displaying candies? Not only does it give any business a friendly and cozy look, but it can make your office feel less formal and signImage result for Tips For Sorting Your Welcome Candiesificantly more welcome. Of course, if you have a large counter top or desk where you’re looking to display the candy, it’s important to sort them properly. After all, you wouldn’t want to mix gumdrops with Starbursts! Here are a few tips for helping you sort your welcome candies:

*When creating your display, take into consideration whether the candies are wrapped or not. You can have some ideas of what candies to use at candy stores or browse For hygienic reasons, opting for individually wrapped candies is probably safer than splitting a package of loose pieces. It’s also advisable that if you do choose to display candy that isn’t individually wrapped that the container is at least closed.

*Sort your candies by categorizing them based on color, shape or size. A rainbow welcome display can look great when candies aren’t individually wrapped, but when they are, consider sorting by brand or flavor. Make sure that you consider whether or not it’s easy for customers to select their favorite candy pieces.

*Consider allergens when sorting your candy. Many people are allergic to tree nuts, therefore, separating these types of candies from the allergen-free ones is always advisable. If you’re looking to stay on the safer side of things, you may wish to include a simple note with the candy display.

*Don’t forget to keep expiration dates in mind when sorting your welcome candies. Some types of candy can be edible for several years, but that’s not always the case. Image result for bowls or glass jars for candyServing expired sweets is always a no-no, so displaying the ones with the nearest upcoming expiration date can help ensure you keep your stock moving.

*Candies should always be sorted into display containers that are easy to gain access to. Bowls or glass jars with lids are the most popular options. Not only do they make for a stylish display, but they allow your customers easy access to your welcome candies.

Once you have your candies sorted, make sure you keep an ample refill supply. Don’t stockpile as your candy may expire in the process, but never leave your container empty as it looks unprofessional. Perhaps a piece of candy won’t turn someone into a lifelong customer, but it’s a nice gesture for your company to make!

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