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Matching The Right Wood Dresser For Your Room

There’s no denying the allure of pure wood furniture. Expertly crafted, beautifully constructed, a true wood dresser not only can last generations if properly taken care of, but like the teak wood dresser, it adds an incredible and beautiful aesthetic to go with full functionality. There are many great options when it comes to wood dressers and designs can vary even more than the types of timber used, but while shopping with your eyes it is important to make sure you keep track of the most important details like size.

Image result for Matching The Right Wood Dresser For Your RoomFinding the right wood dresser for the size of your room involves looking at a few different things. You will need to take multiple measurements to make sure everything fits.

Make The Necessary Measurements
First, measure the obvious things. You’ll need to know what room you’re decorating. Is it a large room, normal sized, or small? That can make a big difference when it comes to what size of dresser you want. Having a humongous dresser in a small room not only takes up a disproportionate amount of space but it looks really off-putting and weird.

So look for dressers that are an appropriate size for the space of the room, but also consider the size and shape of the other pieces of furniture in the room and plan accordingly.

The next step is to measure the door. You need accurate numbers on the height and width of the doorway, and this includes looking at things like the interior trim, the hinges, or anything else that cuts down the space at any point since you will have to work around anything that is jutting out.

Measure the potential dressers, as well. You need to measure them at their widest. It doesn’t matter if 95% of the dresser would fit fine, but the top as an ornate flare that makes it impossible to fit through the door. There are many different ways to shift a wood dresser through a room, but if it doesn’t fit then it just doesn’t fit.

Don’t Forget To Consider Weight
If you are getting a larger piece or a thicker piece of pure wood furniture, then it is important to remember that weight will be an important consideration, especially if you are moving a lot of things upstairs. This is going to be doubly true with naturally dense timber like oak or mahogany and you need to make the appropriate adjustments accordingly.

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