Ore Hopper

FreightCar America's ore hopper car is the industry's leading taconite ore car. This workhorse features FreightCar America's patented one-piece cold-rolled center sill for years of reliable service. Door options can be custom configured to your unloading needs. Our ore hopper car is just another example from our line of specialized open top hoppers that will continue to meet customer needs for hauling a variety of commodities from metallic ore to aggregate.

FreightCar America delivers ore cars with 100 years of railcar design and building history to back them up.

Specifications and Dimensions

Ore Hopper Car



34' 7-1/2"

Over Strikers

39' 4"

Over Pulling Face

41' 11-1/2"

Truck Centers

29' 5"


Extreme (Over Side Top Chord)

10' 7-1/4"


9' 10"


Rail To Top of Side Top Chord

12' 7-5/8"

Extreme - Rail To Top of Top Chord Shed Angle

12' 9-1/8"



2,328 CF

With a 10" heap

2,611 CF

Gross Rail Load

286,000 Lbs.

Light Weight

64,500 Lbs.

Load Limit

221,500 Lbs.

Center of Gravity

With a 10" heap