The BethGon ® II


The aluminum BethGon® II has been designed to transport coal with unrivaled efficiency. It has a 42,000 pound lightweight which allows for a hefty 244,000 pound payload. The BethGon's® patented double tub floor design utilizes coal carrying capacity like no other gondola. Its innovative longitudinal tub floor design carries an extra 36,000 pounds of coal when compared to traditional gondola designs. It also lowers the BethGon's® center of gravity for a more stable ride, reduced wear, and lower maintenance costs.

The BethGon® II boasts a ½"-inch increase in overall width and a new tub contour design that adds volume and strength to the twin tub floor system. The end tub closure clip features non-binding, flexible fasteners that compensate for sill movement during buff and draft loads. The tub to center sill connection is reinforced with an A6061-T6 aluminum bar. The railcar's end floor is reinforced with a new support that extends from its end post to the bolster web, adding strength to the end floor.

All BethGon® II railcars continue to feature our patented Cold Rolled Center Sill (CRCS), the 70 + yield steel backbone of nearly every FreightCar railcar. Patented side stakes with integral wear bars and the twin tub floor system remain standard features on the new railcar.

The BethGon® II railcar promises more carrying capacity, yet the same structural integrity customers have come to expect.


Aluminum BethGon® II


Inside Length

47' 9-1/8"

Over Strikers

50' 5-1/2"

Over Pulling Face

53' 1"

Truck Centers

40' 6"



10' 7-13/32"


9' 10"



12' 9-1/2"

Top of Top Chord

12' 8-1/2"



4,520 CF

With a 10" Heap

4,911 CF

Gross Rail Load

286,000 Lbs.

Light Weight

41,700 Lbs.


Load Limit

244,300 Lbs.

Center of Gravity

With a 10" heap